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Bogdan Bogdanović renovated the court for the students of Pavle Savić Elementary School


The new basketball court at the “Pavle Savić” elementary school in Mirijevo was opened today to the joy of thousands of students and all residents of this part of the city. It is a project with which the “Bogdan Bogdanović” Foundation started charitable activities in our country aimed at children and the improvement of sports infrastructure. The place where the Serbian national team member and member of the Atlanta NBA team took some of his first basketball steps is now one of the most modern courts in Belgrade, which will be able to be used by more than 2,000 students of this school.

A high-quality sports flooring according to FIBA ​​standards in shades of blue designed by our architect Julija Džogaz was installed on the completely renovated court. She got her inspiration from the positions where basketball players spend the most time during the game. The stands were also reconstructed, which the first graders decorated with palm prints, as a symbol of a kind of legacy and a detail that will remind them every day that it is important to dream big dreams and fight for them. The hoops received new constructions and modern Plexiglas boards, and in order to make the schoolyard as safe as possible, video surveillance was improved, while the playground will soon be illuminated by floodlights in the evenings. The children received basketballs and other gifts from the famous sports brand owned by Bogdanović.

Our basketball player addressed the children through a video message, in which he answered numerous questions about the school in Mirijevo with a smile on his face.

– School days are the most beautiful period of every person’s life, because then friendship, honesty and openness are the qualities that adorn us the most. Then we are ready to learn, discover new things. That’s when we grow. That is why it is of great importance that every child has an equal chance to play, develop, enjoy school, sports, friends, and teachers. Regardless of which part of the city or country they are from. Bearing all that in mind, I am very pleased that the children will have excellent conditions in this place to play basketball, make new friends, learn and be happy. I hope that the field will be full of children and that this will be a place that connects people – said Bogdan Bogdanović , the founder of the Foundation.

The team of the “Bogdan Bogdanović” Foundation had the support of Milan Krstić , director of the “Pavle Savić” school, so that the field would be renovated as soon as possible.

– Elementary school “Pavle Savić” is the largest school in Belgrade, which had more than 2,000 students last year. We are located in Mirijevo, which is growing more and more and becoming one of the key family neighborhoods in Belgrade. Therefore, the need for such a high-quality field is extraordinary. So a big thank you to Bogdan, his sister Bojana and all the collaborators for recognizing this and not forgetting their beginnings. We will try to preserve the field for future generations, but also to open it for all those who want to play basketball – said director Krstić .

Funds for the court reconstruction were collected partly from the organization of the “Bogdan Bogdanović” basketball camp, which was held in Belgrade for the sixth time this year at the end of August. The camp gathered more than 150 talented girls and boys aged 9 to 15 who had the opportunity to work on the basics of the basketball game.