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Bogdan Bogdanović is in Belgrade. The reason for staying in the capital of Serbia is great. The basketball camp, whose founder is a member of the Atlanta Hawks, is open, so young players will have the opportunity to learn with the master of the game under the hoops.

It will certainly mean a lot to the children to absorb knowledge from someone who gives lessons on NBA courts. The BB camp will be held on the courts of Kalemegdan from August 27 to 29.

For that occasion, the Serbian national player held a press conference and spoke about the camp.

Now I'm here in a different role, as a teacher and coach, but I still have the freedom to play around, so it's very interesting from this perspective as well. In the competitive parts of the camp, I also see passion among them, they all show character and I see desire in them – the 29-year-old from Belgrade began the story.

An interesting question was whether any of the "kids" could threaten Bogdan?

There are a couple of them who could have a good day, but they are far away – joked Bogdanović.

Bogdan Bogdanović

The great shooter also highlighted the purpose of the camp.

Like every year, the point is for everyone to enjoy and have a nice memory from the camp, to enjoy that weekend. My vision of the camp is that it shouldn't last too long. We have fit into this modern age, so I believed that the camp could be a competitive one, because that's what you train and work for. This is a great opportunity for them to show themselves on a slightly bigger stage – explained Bogdanović, and added:

Great friendships are formed here, it is certain that everyone has good experiences. I go back to my childhood and remember what it was like for me in the camps, I was also in Kališ and it was very interesting. I wanted to be in the crowd of kids, to fight, to compete, I even met some of them later. And my goal now is to continue that story, I feel responsible, I feel that I can motivate all these kids. Our desire is to provide the best basketball experience to every young player who is part of the camp and that they get a chance to progress, to be the best version of themselves, to get new sneakers, equipment, to be surrounded by professional basketball players and experienced coaches who take care of them. The children are in excellent hands and all they have to do is play and do what they love most, which is basketball. I hope that the camp will give them an extra incentive to continue training and chasing their dreams.

Bogdanović remained cryptic when asked about which basketball players will be guests of the camp. He left it as a surprise.

In previous years, it was a little easier for us, because a lot of them were in the city, but now most of the players have left. We are in communication, I am trying to bring them, but we will see – let it remain a surprise for now.

The inevitable question was what he thought about Partizan. Željko Obradović, who coached Bogdan in Fenerbahce, returned to the black and white bench. He repeated what he promised, that one day he will return to Partizan, but that he still does not know when that will be.

I will never forget this and one day I will surely return to Partizan. It's nice to come to a Partizan practice. I didn't make any statements, it was friendly. No need to talk about my love. I still have three years left on my contract. I know what I promised, we'll see when – said Bogdanović and added:

I went to Željko to get to that higher level of knowledge and everything else. I believe in him. The players will adapt.

Bogdan received a challenge from the young participants of the camp. One was to hit two 3- pointers from the spot , and the other was to spin the ball on one finger for 20 seconds.