F o u n d a t i o n

If we dedicated ourselves to children and young people and provide them with the knowledge and conditions to follow the path they want, imagine how much they could achieve?

Mission and vision

The Bogdan Bogdanović Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2022 with the aim of helping children and young people, placing special emphasis on promoting sports and creating conditions for playing sports where the need arises. By implementing projects in the fields of sports, education, art, culture and science, the Foundation, in cooperation with other institutions and thanks to donors, succeeds in inspiring young generations, providing assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged people, participating in the improvement of environmental protection and carrying out humanitarian activities with common goals.

The Foundation priorities in the first year of its existence are the inspiration of children and young people to deal with their environment, spend carefree time outdoors engaging in sports activities and to participate in the creation of their environment themselves. The Foundation plans to implement its goal through the reconstruction of sports fields at educational and other institutions.

The Team

The Foundation was initiated by its founder, basketball player Bogdan Bogdanović, who set the mission and vision that the Foundation team implements today and who actively participates in its activities, both with personal donations and with ideas and invested energy.

The manager of the Foundation is Bojana Bogdanović, who leads the team.

The management board consists of Dragan Bogdanović, Petar Delić and Aleksandar Komatina.

The Foundation owes great gratitude to its volunteers who recognized its importance and donated their time and effort in order to achieve the goals and successfully implement the projects.