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Bogdanović: I teach children to love basketball and enjoy sports


This year’s “Bogdan Bogdanović” camp, whose slogan is “Back to basics”, will gather over 150 talented boys and girls aged 9 to 15, who will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the basketball game. At the same time, they will be able to create lifelong memories that will encourage them to keep training and improving every day.

Participants will have the opportunity to improve their skills with one of our best players, which will be necessary for them both on and off the field. With a rich and carefully designed program, various activities and great socializing, the children will be especially pleased by the camp’s partner, adidas, who will give all participants new and high-quality sports equipment, including balls, t-shirts, jerseys and bags.

“The very name, “Back to basics”, indicates that this year we focused on returning to the basics of the basketball game. In particular, we will focus on several main elements – shooting technique, finishing move, the technique of leading and passing the ball, as well as the game 1:1. We will pay a lot of attention to fair play, socializing and enjoying the game itself, because I believe that these are important lessons for every young athlete. I am also looking forward to spending time with the children on the field because I know how much it meant to me when I was at that age to get advice from players I looked up to,” said Bogdanović .

As in previous years, the BB camp will also have a humanitarian and educational character this time. All funds collected from registration fees will be directed to the reconstruction of the basketball court of the Pavle Savić elementary school in the Belgrade neighborhood of Mirijevo, which is attended by more than 2,000 students. In addition, adidas will organize two educational workshops during the camp.

The first will deal with the topic of environmental sustainability, where young players will be able to learn about the importance of recycling, the need to reduce the use of plastic, and they will also learn about environmental protection, which will be helped by the captains of the adidas Runners Belgrade team, Aleksa Jovanović and Biljana Cvijanović.

Also, all participants of the camp will have the opportunity to talk with Bogdan about the proper use of social networks, about the turning points in his career and the challenges he faced, as well as to ask him questions as part of the Q&A part of the workshop.

“I am glad that apart from basketball, we will also discuss other topics, primarily ecology.” It is very important to raise children’s awareness that they need to take care of their environment, to protect nature and our city. Starting from the school grounds where they spend time, through the area in front of the building, the banks of rivers or parks. Because it is our obligation to teach the youngest not only to be top athletes, but also to be quality people, ” added Bogdan.

Free admission to the stands will be provided to all basketball fans who will have the opportunity to follow, cheer and support the activities of the participants of the “Bogdan Bogdanović” camp, which is also this year proudly supported by adidas, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports equipment.